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In addition to properties across the GTA and beyond, Prism is ideally suited to bring a wealth of services and expertise to your property. For over 40 years, we’ve been managing some of Toronto’s most sought after properties. Our suite of services means less stress and makes owning a property efficient and dare we say, care-free.

Our financial accounting services ensure your corporation is structured to maximize its revenue growth. We handle the entire process and oversee the efficient movement of funds and resources internally, while keeping the corporation and its board informed across regular intervals. We collaborate with our clients to further streamline their existing financial architecture so that we can together better manage common, everyday elements of their revenue.

Our property maintenance is a comprehensive service that includes concierge staffing, operational management, general upkeep and site inspections. Our commitment to the corporation and the property means that residents can be assured of an immaculate living experience, keeping the channel of communication open so that any questions they may have are addressed efficiently. As representatives of the corporation, we have a duty to act professionally and responsibly.

We support and train staff so that they come to embody the values and work with the efficiency that is expected of Prism. Our team has gained extensive expertise across a range of properties, and we bring the assurances of experience to every corporation we work with; our methods have been perfected over many years, our people have encountered every situation, and our systems are proven to have been successful. With Prism, corporations can rely on their personnel with absolute certainty.

With due diligence, we implement every precaution to guard against and prepare for emergencies. Regular testing and an established preventative program set a high standard of responsibility that promotes safety, while our 24-7 service ensures professionals are always on-site to competently deal with any situation that may arise. We report incidents clearly and quickly, and work proactively to ensure they do not surface a second time.

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