Revenue Management

Our financial accounting services ensure your corporation is structured to maximize its revenue growth. We handle the entire process and oversee the efficient movement of funds and resources internally, while keeping the corporation and its board informed across regular intervals. We collaborate with our clients to further streamline their existing financial architecture so that we can together better manage common, everyday elements of their revenue.

Funds Management

Funds Management

Includes the payment of disbursements, insurance, general maintenance and repairs, reserve funds and investments.

Warranty Management

Manage warranty claims with Tarion and building vendors.

Invoice Approval

Approve invoices on behalf of the corporation as requested.

Financial Reporting

Provide financial reporting packages to the board. Available in monthly, quarterly or annual instalments.

Annual Budget

Draft annual budget and present to board for approval.

Reserve Funds

Manage the reserve fund on behalf of a corporation and ensure all reserve fund studies are completed.

Condo Fee Management

Work with owners and the board to better manage common element fees.

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