Our property maintenance is a comprehensive service that includes concierge staffing, operational management, general upkeep and site inspections. Our commitment to the corporation and the property means that residents can be assured of an immaculate living experience, keeping the channel of communication open so that any questions they may have are addressed efficiently. As representatives of the corporation, we have a duty to act professionally and responsibly.


Inventory Management

Maintain an updated list of inventory, equipment and items that together corporation’s assets. Our staff’s diligence ensures the successful allocation of assets saving the corporation time and money.


Assist owners and residents in managing the use, function and upkeep of all amenity and common area spaces in the community. Working together with residents and staff we are able to ensure ongoing tenant satisfaction.

Contract Procurement

We eliminate the red tape and paperwork that comes with owning a property. We get quotes and approve initial property agreement contracts in addition to countless other work that is nothing short of tedious.


Enforce Act, bylaws, rules, and amendments across the property. Access units when required on behalf of the corporation. The corporation has a voice in all transactions. Let Prism, be that voice to ensure things run on time like they should.

Site Inspections

Perform and document physical inspection on behalf of the corporation on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. This helps shield you from liability and ensures tenants are happy.

Website Management

Implement and oversee an external, public facing website together with an internal, password protected owner website. This internet / intranet presence allows any and all work / correspondence is handled in an efficient manner.

Owner Contact

Get answers and respond FAST. Prism can communicate to owners all required notices and updates eliminating the need for property owner involvement on any level.

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